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Chit-Chat Desserts prides itself on bringing the addicting flavors of Hawaii to the Bay Area!  I began baking when I realized I could not find my favorite local desserts anywhere besides Hawaii.. Once word was out that you did not have to travel across the ocean to get a slice of Chocolate Haupia Pie, I began to get several requests for other favorite Hawaiian Island favorites. I love how my desserts make people smile, feel at home or feel like they are back on vacation. Through my baking I hope to share a little of my "Mana" and Aloha with you all..
Chit-Chat Desserts specializes in chiffon cakes and pies. As a one woman baking machine, I can proudly say all of my desserts are made to order, so you are only receiving desserts with that fresh and home made flavor.
"Chocolate Haupia Pie" 
Haupia pie, a popular dessert with the surfers, tourists and locals in the North Shore of Oahu.. This pie consists of a  delicate medley of chocolate whipped cream, coconut cream filling and a made from scratch flaky crust. Put it all together and what do you get? YUMMY!!! 
"Lilikoi (passion fruit) Chiffon Pie"
Popular in Kauai, this pie is extremely light and airy with just a hint of the exotic and refreshing passion fruit flavor. Combine that in a flaky pie crust and top it with whipped cream to satisfy anyones island craving.. It's like a vacation in every bite. Just don't forget to hang your "Do Not Disturb Sign" 

"Lilikoi (passion fruit) Caramel Chiffon Cake"
Turning into one of my most popular cakes!  I think it's because of the exotic and refreshing flavor of the passion fruit cake lined with a thin layer of creamy caramel, and whipped cream topping. It all blends together perfectly in every bite!  Once you taste this cake, it will become your favorite too!

"P.O.G. Chiffon Cake"
Whats P.O.G you ask? PassionFruit-Orange-Guava.!!! Need I say more? With a hint of sweet, tangy, tropical citrus goodness, these three flavors create a beautiful trio and a beautiful cake. A guaranteed P.O.P. at any party (Paradise On a Plate). 

"Guava Chiffon Cake"
You can't have a tropical paradise without something pink. Enter the Guava Chiffon Cake. But Don't let the color fool you, this island favorite will bring the toughest of guys to the table for firsts and seconds. Covered in a fluffy blanket of whipping cream.. and a delicious pink guava glaze all that's missing is a drink with an umbrella. 
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